Harmonisation courses & workshops

EGOLF harmonisation courses are open to both members and non-members.  The test methods used in the European system for attestation of conformity are described in detail in European standards developed by CEN and published by national standardization bodies. The results of fire test depend very much on how the various steps in the execution of the tests are carried out in practice. This may vary between labs.

EGOLF has therefore developed so called harmonization courses which are especially aimed at technicians with experience of carrying out tests in their own facilities. The purpose of the courses is to train technicians to carry out tests in a harmonized way, in accordance with the standards and in some cases according to EGOLF agreements where the text of the test standard is unclear. EGOLF has agreed that each member shall have at least one staff member trained in each test they offer, where harmonization courses are available for the method in question. New courses are developed on a regular basis.

Please click on link below to EGOLF course catalogue 2024. This will be updated as more courses are confirmed.


Posted on 21/03/2024 at 18:23