Membership Criteria

EGOLF is considered a quality label throughout Europe and, as such, both new applications for Full or Associate membership, and renewal of existing membership, are contingent upon fulfilment of a set of Minimum Membership Requirements.  These include the need for accreditation and equipment to perform a fire test according to at least three of the EN fire resistance test methods referred to in EN 13501-2 and/or one of the reaction to fire tests in EN 13501-1. If your organisation fulfils the Minimum Membership Requirements below and in questionnaire attached, and wishes to request an application form for EGOLF membership, please contact us.

  • has significant involvement in fire testing of components or products in support of legislation.

  • has its own in-house facilities and equipment, or facilities and equipment under its own exclusive and permanent control, to perform fire tests under the conditions which are specified for at least one of the EN fire testing standards (either fire resistance or reaction to fire, or both)

  • is a nationally accredited organisation based in Europe and working in the field of fire testing of materials, components or products in support of fire safety legislation within Europe
    (Associate members are based in countries outside Europe.  Applicant shall be a nationally approved organisation working in fire testing of materials, components or products in support of fire safety legislation and conform to EGOLF Minimum Membership Requirements)

  • belongs to a national fire laboratory liaison group (if one exists) or if not, be approved by the other EGOLF members from that country (if any exist). If not, some form of official sponsorship letter may be required,

  • is independent such that commercial, financial and other pressures do not compromise the technical judgments of your testing laboratory and its staff.


Posted on 08/05/2023 at 19:33